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Q: What's a FAQ?
A: It stands for Frequently Asked Questions. I post a bunch of stuff that may answer your questions. (Or may just be interesting to no one else but me :P)

Q: How come the words never all pile up in the Ancient area?
A: Please realize that the goal of learning (and this program) is to continually strengthen your mind. There is no such thing as "finished". The words in a set will never all pile up in the Ancient area. After you exhaust all the untested words, the oldest previously tested word will be put back into testing rotation -- even if you answer it correctly. This is done on purpose.

Q: I think I found some mistakes. What should I do?
A: Write me an email and I'll be glad to add the fix into the next update.

Q: I love Russian Flip, now can you add ... ?
A: This is pretty much how most emails/comments go. The answer is: email me and I'll really try to figure out if I can do it. Mostly if I can't do it, it's due to screen real estate, not lack of desire. If that sounds like an excuse, please try programming an iPhone app without making it cluttered, ugly, or over bloated.

Q: Will you add the features I demand if I threaten you with a bad review?
A: No. Threats of a bad review or demands of any kind will simply be ignored.

Q: Are you going to put out Chinese Flip, Spanish Flip, etc...
A: Yes. Italian will likely be next. Chinese after that.

Q: Obviously you don't love Russian like I do, because you'd NEVER put out Japanese Flip if you did!
A: Not true. My program works equally well for other languages.

Q: OK, so how about a GAME like Russian Flip with even more fun stuff?
A: Very likely. But I am way behind on the serious apps, so it will have to wait a bit.

Q: OK, this FAQ really isn't answering my questions... What's your favorite band?
A: Iron Maiden. But I do like Pink Floyd a lot as well. :P